High alert about corona virus

Everyone is know about corona virus which is so dangerous for all human. This virus is very harmful effects on human’s body and human get died.

Effect of this virus

this virus is very effective in human body.

…At first human suffered with cold

…after that human get sneezing.

Tha human feel uncomfortable for breath.

That’s all effect of corona virus ,                   

logo….  stay home.   be careful


At first this virus came from other countries like that Chaina, Italy,  America,  Britain, and many other places there are increasing very fast and almost many people were die due to this virus and infected many people. 


India is almost save but there are also many people are infected due to this virus. 

Tha PRIME MINISTER, SHRI NARENDRA MODI  of India is so breve man and he takes many decisions for Indian.  He wants that everyone will fight from CORONA VIRUS.


1. At First every Indian will stay at home. 

2. Every one get mask on mouth. 

3. Carefully hand wash. 

4. Don’t go on road during curfew moment. 

5. If you have any doubt about your health than go and check to your self nearest your hospital.

Help by Akshay Kumar for India.. He gave 25 crores rupees for PM cares fund. 

Let’s saves lives, ” Jaan  hai to jahaan hai “

Many many thanks *Akshay Sir.. 

Effected people due to this virus.. 


              In Italy, more than 10,000 people have died since the start of corona virus. 

China — 

            In china, more  than 4000 people have died due to corona virus. 

Turkey — 

               In Turkey,  more than 7402 people were infected with corona virus, with a death of list 102 people.


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